Dr. Jorden Heimer, D.M.D.

Dr. Jordan Heimer graduated from the Dental College of Georgia and completed his dental surgical residency in Salt Lake City, Utah at George Wahlen Veteran’s Affairs General Practice.

His favorite part about working for Nuvia is his ability to focus on each patient individually and provide them with an amazing full mouth dental implant restoration. “Working as a general dentist created a very busy day that never let me spend the time I wanted with people. But, here at Nuvia - Salt Lake City, we are patient focused all the way. There are no guesses with these patients, we get this great result every time”.

In his spare time, Jordan loves cycling. He is an ex-professional cyclist, and worked as a professional bike mechanic who toured the world to work for a few different cycling teams.

Dr. Jorden Heimer, D.M.D.

Dr. Jorden Heimer

Salt Lake City, Utah
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