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The Ultimate Guide to Full Mouth Dental Implants

Before You Start...

There is a danger with this guide you have to be warned about!

Skip one section of the guide and you run the risk of choosing something you may regret.

The price of these types of procedures is one small data point to consider when making a decision about what type of treatment to get and from where.  You'll find out why below.

PLUS, The ONLY Way For You To Know If You’re A Candidate For The Procedure And What The Financial Situation Will Look Like For YOU PERSONALLY, Is By Attending Our 24-Hour Smile Consultation. You will find general information in this guide, not situation specific.

Now let’s get started!

Isn't it weird that so many dental implant providers aren't transparent with prices and fees?

Without this information it's impossible to move forward.

Our hope is by being transparent with national averages, how insurance affects treatment, and what criteria you may need to qualify for an affordable monthly payment plan, you'll be equipped to choose us as your dental implant provider.

But do you want to REALLY know why so many people are choosing us? There are many reasons but one of the major reasons is because...


If you're unsure what that means exactly it's ok, we'll explain more in this article below and you can also read "teeth in a day vs permanent teeth in 24 hours as well."


Whether you're missing 1 tooth, 3 teeth, or need a brand new set of adult teeth you have come to the right place.

Find Out If You May Be Eligible For Permanent Teeth in 24 Hrs.


One thing you’re going to learn in this guide is that dental costs in general simply aren’t cheap.

In fact, putting 2 and 2 together with this study from spear education you’ll learn that the average human that lives to be 85 will on average spend over $95,000 on dental costs throughout their lifetime!

There are two ways to look at dental costs. One will keep you depressed and angry forever and the other will potentially score you a new outlook on life and maybe even a new career.

--> The first of course is that dental costs are a massive burden…

--> The second one is that dental costs are an investment in yourself.  

We see people who can’t eat, are in constant pain, and constantly worry every single day of their lives because of their dental situation.  

Fixing that doesn’t seem like a big burden when you think about it that way right?

And look at a facebook post one of our patients made about a new career she just started!  She received a new set of permanent teeth in 24 hours from us here at Nuvia over a year ago. She needed her full upper and lower set of teeth replaced.

Look for the part where she says she never would have gone for her new career if she didn’t have her smile back.

Of course teeth don’t make you change careers or earn more money but what if that investment in yourself could catapult you into being the person who could make it happen for themselves.

Summer Smiling After Dental Implants

That's exciting, right?

Look at her beaming smile now, when just about a year ago she was making her own teeth out of clay!  

Take a look at her before picture below…

That was the Summer who had a jar full of home made teeth made of clay at home...

Summer Before Surgery and Worried About Dental Implant Cost

Here's a picture of summer side by side!

Are you starting to be able to imagine what would change in your life by getting this done?

Summer Before and After Dental Implants

We’ll be showing you a few more stories of patients like Summer a bit later but now you’ve seen what dental implants can do for a person let’s get into some details!

Find Out If You May Be Eligible For Permanent Teeth in 24 Hrs.


You simply can't skip this part and here's why...

Both missing teeth and active infection should be dealt with rapidly before irreversible damage to the body occurs.


A study was done to see if there was a correlation between missing teeth and death rates.  The conclusion of the study was very clear.  The more missing teeth a person has, the shorter they live.  In fact, on average, a person missing 5 or more teeth gets their life cut short by up to 6 years[1]. (we are not saying this will happen to you just presenting the information)

If you’re wondering why, here’s a small excerpt from the study…[1] “An association between the number of teeth and mortality has been reported in several studies]. As people age, many lose teeth. Tooth loss reduces masticatory or chewing capacity, which can influence food selection, nutritional status, and general health. Evidence is also increasing that oral infections play a role in the pathogenesis of some systemic diseases and may be especially debilitating in the elderly”


We frequently have cardiologists (heart doctors) refer their patients with heart disease to us for full mouth treatment.  The connection between infection in the mouth and its effects throughout the body has also been proven in many studies.  

In fact, patients with periodontitis were 34% more likely to get heart disease[2] and according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control),  heart disease is the number 1 cause of death for men and women from almost all backgrounds. The disease is beginning to affect people at younger and younger ages all the time too[3,4].

Can you see why it is of the utmost importance for you to understand the significance of these risks whether or not you decide to get dental implant treatment?

If you’ve already received your CT scan you can see infection by looking at dark holes where there should be bone. You can also very easily see where the bone has disappeared because a tooth or several teeth were pulled.

The scan below shows you a mouth with severe infection.  The infection is circled.  In fact, there was so much infection on the upper jaw which had been there for so long, this person was no longer a candidate for dental implant treatment and was confined to a denture.

(CT Scan Image Showing Infection In The Bone Caused By Teeth)

Infection In The Jawbone

Infection causes the bone to deteriorate and soften, kind of like a piece of wood left out in the rain for too long.  Eventually, it’s just too soft and you could never use it to build anything.

The scan below makes it easy to see how missing just one or two teeth in one part of the mouth causes significant bone loss.  Look at the upper right side in the picture below.  Can you see the larger curve upward?  That is how much bone had disappeared because there was no tooth OR dental implant there to keep the bone stimulated.  

Likewise, on the bottom left side, you can see a large downward curve because the back molars had been missing for quite some time.  The longer these issues go uncorrected the more dangerous and expensive the corrections become.

(CT Scan Image Showing Bone Loss In Areas Of The Jaw Without Teeth)

Bone Loss From Missing Teeth

If you have your CT scan make sure to discuss it together with your spouse.  It’s very difficult for them to really understand the risks and effects this has on the body if they were not present at the consultation.  

The beautiful thing is that getting a new set of permanent teeth in 24 hours can help fix both of these problems.  During the dental implant surgery, all the teeth are removed along with all the infection present in the bone. The implants are then placed into the jawbone which act like tooth roots and can therefore keep the jawbone stimulated and help reduce bone loss.  With the source of the infection (the teeth) being gone and having it all cleaned out you would no longer need to worry about infection having very harmful effects on your body.  

It's important to understand that Permanent Teeth in 24-hours is only done at Nuvia. Likewise it's important to understand the different types of full mouth dental implant procedures.

Find Out If You May Be Eligible For Permanent Teeth in 24 Hrs.


Several research studies have been conducted to explore the relationship between missing teeth and serious mental health issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Social Isolation
  • And Low Self Esteem

The results were shocking…

Even just having one tooth missing regardless of its location in the mouth had an unmistakable correlation with the mental health issues above.  You can read the abstract and conclusion here if you like.

Now, what does this mean for you and why is it in this full mouth guide?

It’s simply to let you know that you are not alone with how you are feeling or have felt because of the condition of your mouth.

It’s also to let you know it’s ok to want to fix it.  One surprising thing patients often say to us is “they feel selfish” for wanting to get this done.  But it is not selfish.  It is something you have to deal with everyday that may cause real issues with your mental health.

Hopefully you can now see there is a cost of doing nothing and are determined to find a solution to your problem… whatever that may be.  One of the options below may be just what you need.


Summer needed an entirely new set of teeth on her upper and lower jaw which is called Full Mouth Dental Implants, Full Mouth Reconstruction Or All On 4 Dental Implants.  

By the way, Nuvia ONLY does Full Arch Dental Implants which means we only do the upper, lower, or both jaws entirely.  Even though we only do that type of procedure we can still show you the goods you’re looking for with the other types.


Of course single tooth implants are only necessary to replace one tooth! If you recently lost a tooth attempting to do a cartwheel to show your buddies you’ve still got it, this is the treatment for you.

Typical cost of single tooth dental implants will range from around $3,500 - $5,000.  The cost ranges for a few factors which we’ll get into in a different section.


These bridges are probably more common in the back where you’re missing 3 or more teeth.  Essentially, dental implants are placed apart from each with at least a one tooth gap in the middle.

Generally your provider would charge you normal price for each implant ($3,500 to $5,000) plus around $1,000 for the crown in between the two implants.  So just for the 3 implant bridge you could expect to pay between $8,000 and $11,000.  

You might be thinking, “if I’m going to pay that much I should just replace the entire set?”  

And that’s actually what a lot of people try to do.  The human mouth has 32 teeth and that $11,000 only took care of 3 of them.

Now there are many benefits in keeping your natural teeth and it’s a more common practice for providers to help you save them if it’s possible…

It just may not be the most cost effective thing to do.


Now we’re getting into Full Arch Solutions.  Remember “arch” just means the entire upper or lower set of teeth.

Yes, this is a dental implant guide but the “Denture” option is always on the table.  It is absolutely the cheapest option to replace a full arch of teeth.  

It’s made with the cheapest material and by far the worst as far as patient satisfaction goes according to our experience.

We have dozens of people walk through our doors every day who just want ANYTHING more stable and more comfortable than dentures.

The cost of a denture is going to be anywhere from $600 for each arch up to $8,000.

You can refer to our ultimate guide to full mouth dental implants in order to see the pros and cons of dentures…

But for the patients we see… the cons far outweigh the pros.  Generally the price is about the only pro along with the fact that at least you have something in your mouth to help you chew and smile.

Watch this video of Miss Minnie’s Smile transformation from our office in Houston, Texas.  She had an upper denture and you can see how her life transformed by the end of the video by getting her fixed dental implant solution.


Snap-In Dentures are for those folks who actually wouldn’t mind that their teeth still come out of their mouth every day.  I’m sure you’re looking for a fixed solution but we’ll still cover snap-ins anyway.

Snap-in dentures can be attached to either two or four implants and we go into more details about them on our Ultimate Guide To Full Mouth Dental Implants.

These are considered to be one step up from dentures because they can remove the need for denture adhesive.


There were so many patients who sill had problems with them that we actually discontiued offering snap-ins at our locations. Snap-ins look something like the video below…


The average cost of Snap-Ins can vary widely depending on how many implants are placed and because of some of the factors we’ll discuss below.  As always you should conduct your own research but from what we’ve seen the average cost would be around $30,000 for the full upper and lower set from a reputable provider.

They are more likely to need regular adjustments and even complete remakes than a permanent or fixed set and the parts used to connect the teeth to the implants can wear out as well.

Find Out If You May Be Eligible For Permanent Teeth in 24 Hrs.


It’s estimated that over that almost 41 MILLION people are in dentures.  That means those individuals have no teeth in either their upper or lower jaw.

That’s a lot of people…

So if you’re one of those people or think you will be soon and you’re reading this, you are not alone.

Plus if you’re reading this part and this far it's likely you are in need of a solution for all your teeth.

This section and the section about permanent teeth in 24 hours are for those who want the closest thing to your normal natural teeth that you can get…

Teeth anchored to dental implants and are permanently fixed in give you the most natural function that exists today aside from your natural teeth.

So, if you want teeth that you don’t want to EVER take out and that restore the most function available today, you’ll want a full permanent fixed set of teeth.

The only people who can take these out are the professionals that put them in. Now that’s more like it right?


The traditional all of 4 method or “teeth in a day” methods can take up to 10+ months to get a permanent fixed set of teeth and its been that way for over 20 years!

We are in the 21st century after all so shouldn’t technology have brought us further than waiting so long for a permanent set?

Before Amazon came out with two day shipping everyone thought that it was impossible…But now we couldn’t live without it! That's kind of like how it is with this.

Now, you might be wondering…

What is the difference between teeth in a day and permanent teeth in 24 hours because they sound very similar.

“Teeth In A Day,” usually involves a pre-made plastic denture that's shaved down, drilled on, then attached to your implants the same day as your dental implant surgery.  After 4-6 months in this sometimes weak and often bulky temporary the process of moving you into a permanent fixed set of teeth begins and can last several months.

It’s a much longer process to get your long term teeth than you would have thought.

Now, contrast that with what we do.

We take that 10 month period and condense it into 24 hours!

Awesome right?  

It’s that 2 days Amazon shipping but for full mouth dental implants! With our permanent teeth in 24 hours you go home after your surgery and our lab works all night long to create your long-term fixed teeth overnight!  

You come in the next day and VIOLA!

You have your permanent teeth!

To see more about how we do that and the difference between the two methods go read the ultimate guide to full mouth dental implants.  


We’ve heard from many patients that they just automatically assume Nuvia costs more than the the other providers doing the traditional temporary denture method.

But we don’t…

So let’s start discussing costs of this type of procedure Let’s get into that now by bringing in a couple more patient perspectives on the topic…

I can tell you are serious about Dental Implants. Before we go on, I would like to invite you to our PRIVATE
Facebook Group...

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Hear Bishop talk about the Club


To see more about how we do that and the difference between the two methods go read the ultimate guide to full mouth dental implants.  


We’ve heard from many patients that they just automatically assume Nuvia costs more than the the other providers doing the traditional temporary denture method.

But we don’t…

So let’s start discussing costs of this type of procedure Let’s get into that now by bringing in a couple more patient perspectives on the topic…

This is one of our patients from Phoenix, Arizona.  Listen as she describes how getting her permanent teeth in 24 hours is an investment in the next 30 years of her life!

Or this patient from Denver, Colorado who distinguishes his decision as being an investment in a better life instead of being selfish.

Dental Implant Cost Review

And have you by chance been able to see Nydia’s smile transformation story?  She was 91 years young when she decided to get her new set of teeth.

She said it didn’t matter how much longer she would be able to use them, she was just sick and tired of not being able to eat the food she wanted.  It had actually been 10 years since she was able to eat hamburgers which are her favorite food.

Can you imagine living 10 years without the ability to eat healthy food and the food you love?

Maybe you already have?

It’s no wonder why so many patients say “they just wish they would have done it sooner…”

It’s hard to put a price tag on regret.

It’s a mindset that allowed these patients to move forward with their treatment and change their lives.

The fact is that You have to pay for teeth over the course of your lifetime no matter what. The difference with dental implants is that you get funding up front and pay monthly.

The added bonus is that you don’t have to deal with lingering problems of regular dentistry.

That perspective doesn’t even come from us, it comes from Duncan one of our patients at the Denver Location. You can see his facebook post below where he describes that perspective very WELL!  

Dental Implant Cost Review by Patient



Did you know that any dentist could take a simple weekend course on how to place dental implants and begin doing so immediately after?

That’s kind of concerning if you really think about it right?

That even goes for a full mouth dental implant reconstruction.  There is so much that goes into making this go smoothly and get it done right, it might be worth it going to someone who’s been doing it for while even if it costs a bit more wouldn’t it?

To know whether or not your provider has an experience level you’re comfortable with you could ask them a few questions such as…

How many full mouth restorations have they done or do they usually do each year?
How many implants has the doctor placed?
Do they place them on a regular basis?

One possibility might be that a doctor lowers their prices simply to attract new patients.

Rest assured that at Nuvia our surgeons and restorative doctors perform these procedures day in and day out.  Nuvia ONLY provides full arch restorations.



If you have severe bone loss you may require special surgical procedures that add on to the total amount of treatment.  The video below explains better what those types of procedures may entail.


There are certain parts of the country where the cost of living is higher which from what we can tell also can require the provider to charge more.  This can also be true in major metropolitan areas where the costs to be there are higher.  This is not always true so of course you need to do your own research.


We get asked several times per day, “will I be asleep for the procedure?”  And the answer to that for Nuvia is yes!  Plus, we included general anesthesia in our fees.  You shouldn’t have to have that surprise cost jumping out at you.

Some providers may advertise lower costs but it doesn’t include the anesthesia fee and you find out later you’re going to have to pay that too.

Another question you’ll want to ask about anesthesia is who will be providing you with it?  At Nuvia we feel like you should have a surgeon that’s 100% dedicated to making your surgery go as smoothly as possible and NOT trying to juggle doing the anesthesia and surgery at the same time.

This is not a comprehensive list of the factors that may influence the cost of the procedure but it gives you a few things to consider and some important questions to ask.


Here’s the image of that chart we found on Care Credit’s website going over the costs of several different types of dental procedures.

Dental Procedure Cost List

One thing to point out is that the human mouth has 32 teeth…

And really the average costs of just a root canal and crown combined is about $2,500.  So if just 10 of your teeth needed that kind of work done it would obviously be $25,000.

Then you might ask, “what do I do when my root canals and regular dental work fail?”  That is where dental implants come in.  

We’ve gone over the cost of single implants and luckily if you need a full set of dental implants you don’t have to pay for a single tooth implant for every tooth!  

That would cost $128,000!

Instead, thanks to some oral surgery pioneers from the 50’s and 60’s we can attach a full set of teeth to between four and six dental implants.

Many people wonder if health insurance will help and unfortunately it doesn't.

Luckily there is a way to make getting dental implants affordable.




Because health insurance doesn’t help and dental insurance will likely only help with $1,000 - $2,000 let’s go into how 92% ish of our patients pay with affordable monthly payment plans.

We work with MANY 3rd party funding companies to try to get you the best monthly payment possible.

In order to get funding for a payment plan here are a few important things to know.

  • You need a Decent Credit Score (675+) or know someone who does have that.
  • Which may result in monthly payments for a single arch at around $250-$450/mo
  • And approximately $450 - $900/mo (Full Mouth)

This is Catherine, A Walmart Greeter who took advantage of the payment plans and as you can see she looks like a new person!  You Can Too!

Before and After Dental Implant Surgery

Watch Catherine's Full Story Here

This is Rosanna And She Did Too!

Before and After Dental Implants

This Happy Couple BOTH Got A Payment Plan And Got Treatment Together!!! They posted pictures of just how happy and smiley were are on their 20th wedding anniversary vacation.

After Dental Implants

Then there’s Shaun. In this picture he’s out with his wife of 6 years at THE STEAKHOUSE!

After Dental Implants

He’s also a Lord Of The Rings Fan and shared his image of smeigel getting his new set of teeth as well LOL.  

Facebook Post Funny Dental Implants


You are now equipped with general information.

There are two VERY important and specific pieces of information you do not have.

See, we have patients who come in every single day who have lost too much bone to get dental implants.

They kept putting it off until it was too late.

Some researched and waited for years!

What you may not know is that as soon as a tooth is pulled out, the bone starts to shrink in that area…

If too much of the bone is gone you will no longer be a candidate for dental implants.

The NUMBER ONE thing you need to know is if you are an actual candidate for dental implants!

It doesn’t do you any good to know anything else in this guide if you don’t know the answer to that question…

So it’s time to spring into action.

If that’s not enough to get you looking for the phone number to call there is one more tid bit of information you’re missing out on…

And you probably already think you know what it is.


The first step is to see if you’re a candidate and if there is anything else that might affect the cost for you.  

What if you’re not even a candidate?  What if you’re only a candidate on the upper and not the lower jaw?  What if you’ve lost bone and you may need bone grafting or zygomatic implants like we explained above?

You have to find out that information.


You get to know what your financial situation will be and what your specific payment plan would look like.

Right now you only have a range of what it might cost but in order to truly decide you need to get all the specific details that are unique to you!

You Do That By Calling This Number Now: (866) 545-8932

And if you need more information and more details you can go read our ultimate guide to full mouth dental implants now.

Cost Guide

Dental Implant Cost Guide

2024 Cost Guide

This guide is designed to walk you step by step through the dental implant process and each dental implant type with their associated costs.

  • Different implant types and their average costs
  • 4 little known factors that affect pricing
  • How much will dental & health insurance typically cover for dental implants?
  • What 1000’s of average Americans are doing to make this treatment affordable.
  • And more...
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